Monday, January 9, 2012

About the Title ...

We have both promised the world (which is to say, Facebook) that we will not be flooding social media with our wedding planning minutiae. But several friends and family members seem (for some reason) to want the details, and so for you, we've started this blog.

Okay, so maybe naming a wedding blog for a line from a song called "(Not) Getting Married Today," featuring a bride having a meltdown before her nuptials, isn't the most optimistic way for us to kick off this process. But it's Madeline Kahn, doing Steven Sondheim, and for anyone who knows us, well, it's pretty much perfect.

So welcome to our wedding blog. As the title might suggest, it's not going to be your typical bride-and-groom lovefest. It might be snarky. It might be funny. At times, sure, it might get a little sentimental. But above all, it will be quintessentially us. Starting with the name.


  1. So I just watched this....freaking hysterical. What his this from?

    1. Steven Sondheim's musical, Company.